• Last year in images

    I thought of writing here, after a year of absence from the blog. The idea of a blog is to write about things that are going on in your life, but when you just do the things, and they’re too many, and all happen too fast, you just don’t find the time to write about it.

    I did try to keep you up to date through my twitter feed, so if you followed me on twitter, you already know what has been going on. But I will try to write it down in a few words… or let the images do the talking for now… basically the pictures will do most of the talking, otherwise there could be books written about it.

  • Locked as Miss Anna’s Chastity Slave

    As I write this confession, I am locked so tightly in your cage, Miss Anna my Owner. As a firm
    believer in Female Supremacy in today’s world, this secured device wrapped so tightly around
    my testicles is a constant reminder of my place at your feet, your Highness. Keeping me
    chastised does help me focus on proper servitude, attentiveness, and subservience toward you,
    Miss Anna, which makes me want to go the extra distance to earn my short chastity release.
    (Kissing your divine, beautifully pedicured feet and begging so desperately, your Highness..)

  • Leather fantasies

    Today’s fantasy I received in the mail is about leather. No wonder it’s on this topic since as a dominatrix I love wearing leather very often in my online chats and sessions. I like the feeling of leather on my body, I like how it compliments my body and how I can play with different outfits to look more elegant or more strict or even glamorous if I wear it with satin for instance. I love to combine different fabrics to get different looks.
    leather skirt
    I found that one of my favorite mix and matches is lace and leather, I love how I can look soft and strict at the same time, but without doubt classy, and that is something I always want to be, classy and fabulous. Now that I introduced you to leather, I will leave you with my sub’s report/fantasy:

  • Being One of Miss Anna’s Chastity Slaves

    I’ve met Miss Anna around eight years ago on a femdom chat site and have been enslaved to her since then. I must say that no other online domme has ever made me feel the way I did as when I was chatting with her. Instantly, I knew I belonged at her feet in complete submission along with her many other countless slaves.

    After some time getting to know each other better, Miss Anna made me very curious about “male chastity.” We agreed that my first chastity device should be a CB3000. After trying it out many times before long-term lockup, I could instantly see how submissive and obedient chastity makes a male—I was completely at her mercy. It really is no wonder so many Women today are discovering the benefits of keeping their men locked! It’s simple, we become better trained submissive’s and fully subservient to our Female Owner’s.

  • Her beta slave

    I’ve always known since a long time that I was meant to be a beta slave but I’ve had a hard time finding the right mistress to fulfill my fantasy until I came across Miss Anna’s chat. The issue that always came up was that I’ve always needed just the right amount of humiliation, combined with the right about of seduction coming from a mistress. I’ve always imagined the right mistress more like a Goddess between mortals: beautiful, seductive, powerful, superior.
    Usually, when I get attracted to the other sex I start to feel weak and crave to bow to their feminine dominance. This was exactly the kind of feeling I had during my first encounter with Miss Anna, and hers was over the roof so I had no choice but to surrender to her, and ever since I made that decision, there has been no looking back.
    Over the years, I’ve grown to accept my fate as a beta slave. Whenever I find myself in a relationship with any woman, I get the natural feeling to be submissive to her. I fantasise that women only date me in order that I become their cuckold or servant or sissy maid. And because it’s so hard to come across a genuine dominant woman in real life, I’m always looking online for the right mistress.

    As a beta slave, I’m totally aware of the fact that women aren’t attracted to me because of my looks or anything, but simply because they recognize me as beta. Miss Anna has been my favorite mistress who fully understands me and my beta needs, but she also uses her sex appeal in order to make me weaker than I already am. She teases me and makes fun of me, making me do humiliating tasks and perform degrading acts just to please her.

  • Latest updates

    These are the most important updates for the moment:

    Progress in my training: submissives are starting to understand what their duty is and fully accomplish it. They get me things I like or go get lingerie they think I will like to see on them, they open folders on their pc they know I would like to find about. They do things to make me happy. And I am very happy about it.

    mistress nylons
    Fall holidays. I love taking holidays in the fall season because of the right weather and the right amount of people travelling around that time of the year. I love the freedom of being able to leave anytime I want but when I do it I take many things into consideration, like weather, humidity…If it s too much heat you get sweaty, if it’s too humid curls will fall apart, if it s too crowded you don’t get to enjoy things you normally would, you don’t get to visit freely all the places you’d like to, or in the comfort you would like.

  • Pantyhose fetish

    I received an email from a submissive about pantyhose so I thought I should write an introduction to it, so you can have my point of view too on this important subject. Almost every day I would have someone come in my chat and tell me about their nylon passion, so immediately I would say how I love nylon too (obviously) and all kinds of it, including pantyhose and stockings. I actually have a thing for all nice and soft feeling fabrics such as satin, lace, silk, nylon, and all other similar ones that feel good when you touch them. I am a very highly sensitive person, you know how some people have a well developed sense when it comes to sounds, music, I am the contrary of that, but I am good when it comes to visual things, I can remember where things are in space, and also my sense of touch is quite developed too, meaning that I can recognize fabrics just by touching them even if I were to be blindfolded.

  • Entranced slave

    I received an email from one of my regular loyal submissives who loves to be hypnotized by me.
    Hypnosis fetish, otherwise known as hypnofetish is a unique but quite common type of fetish that has been around for a while. It is unique in the sense that, those who practice the hypnosis fetish have their sexuality centered on a strange psychological phenomenon.
    For most men, their hypnosis fetish could be triggered by the seductive gaze of a good-looking mistress. I often come across such submissives who have a thing for this. I have been receiving compliments on my eyes for as long as I can remember, but back then I didn’t know the power that my eyes really have. Even to this day I keep receiving compliments on them and it seems that with my new hair color, my eyes stand out even more.
    hypnotizing eyes

    I don’t know if it’s a coincidence the fact that this sub of mine came to my chatroom, right after my hair color change, either way, I love the attention my eyes are getting. Sometimes I’d be wearing a new pair of high heels or new dress and my eyes get more compliments than anything else. My eyes have also been said to have hypnotizing powers over many subs.

  • My Stiletto Fetish

    When it comes to fetishes in general, nothing comes close to feet and toes in notoriety. Be that as it may, with regards to clothing, shoes might not be men’s deepest fantasy, as they tend to be very neglected. But this is why I want to write this post (with slave mischa’s contribution) and bring them into the spot light because they deserve their place here on my blog.
    The stiletto fetish might not be so well known, but it is a sort of fetish that has been in existence for some time and has been one of my favorite things to explore because of my deep and obsessive passion for high heels.
    A typical stiletto lover has different likes and dislikes when it comes to shoes. It’s not the same for everyone. For instance, as a woman with an obsession for shoes I have my own preferences, I like my high heels to reveal my feet, but not a whole lot of them, I like them to be high but not too high. And the same goes for a stiletto fetishist, he admires different things in his mistress’ shoes.

    Just like we see the world differently, people see shoes differently. And it’s all because there are so many details to be admired in a shoe: its beautiful sexy shape, its pointy tip, and high heel, essentially everything about the stiletto shoes and what makes them special.

  • My shoe obsession

    I have this little substance abuse problem… expensive footwear.
    I didn’t know I was addicted until I tried to stop…

    A few days ago one of my loyal submissives sent me an email in which he wrote about his shoe obsession, with the intention of me sharing it here with everybody. I thought it would be only fair if I wrote my own story first before posting his. After all, it’s my blog and I decided i should write more about me on here. I also think it wouldn’t be complete without my point of view on this important subject, that is shoes. I already get many many questions and comments from subs who keep asking me things about my shoes. At first I was surprised by this curiosity, but then I understood it is normal, I do have many pairs!!

    red stiletto