Confessions of an almost broken slave

I received this testimonial from a new submissive I own now, I will call him my hypnotised slave This is what he wrote about our hypnotizing, controlling experience:

“I found Miss Anna’s website by accident. It was a long evening, I felt tired, and so I started to browse through some femdom stuff via Google. When the first photo of Miss Anna appeared on the screen, It got my attention, of course, but still, I was considering her just a very beautiful femdom model, nothing more, nothing less.
nylons dominatrix

However, it happened somehow (destiny?) that I found myself browsing through Her galleries and above all through Her blog posts. I was instantly amazed. You know, most of the dommes are very beautiful women, but their claims also often use to be a little bit stereotypical, sometimes even full of clichés. This was not the case of Miss Anna. Her texts impressed me with the immerse amount of intelligence and a charisma of the true femme fatale, which has been put into them. Miss Anna obviously knows, which words to choose, which sentences to use, to make the reader at least … well, nervous. I can say this is a linguistic therapy (but is “therapy” the proper word for what She is doing?) of its own kind. Reading her posts further, I gradually felt more and more curious, and, at the same time, more and more aroused. And finally, I did something I never did before: I registered for Miss Anna’s site and sent her just a little tip, not so high amount, just to try to get into contact with Her.

This was the beginning of my fall.

Miss Anna wrote me back very quickly. She was very polite, I would even say nice, She welcomed me to Her site, thanked for the tip, and we just started chatting a little bit. Before I realized what is really happening, the first Teamviewer session started. It just happened very naturally. Miss Anna has a tremendous skill in becoming the authority to Her subject, just in the moment She wants. I found myself following Her instructions without question or hesitation, just because She wrote me to do so. I even didn’t fully realize I sent her a few tributes during our session. It was just happening.


The first session didn’t really damage me nor my computer in any way. After it was finished, I discovered She has downloaded some files from my computer, mostly very innocent photos, as I don’t storage any kinky photos on my computer at all. The feelings were pleasant and I really hoped for next session with Miss Anna. I even sent Her another tribute, which has hurt my account already a little bit, but I was too much aroused to care.

The following day, Miss Anna invited me to the Teamviewer session again. I felt so aroused, but at the same time so calm, that I opened literally everything on my computer to Her, I also installed the English windows settings, to make it more comfortable for Her to control my PC. And She started. I didn’t exactly know what was happening, because Miss Anna didn’t allow me to see it on my screen, but She kept chatting with me, calming me down with Her words, and soon, I was introduced into a strange state of apathy, complete loss of awareness, and of complete and utter trust to Miss Anna. It was something I never went through before. I felt aroused, but at the same time, like drugged with sedatives. I just trusted Miss Anna, followed Her instruction, sent Her another tribute just because She commanded, and was devotedly waiting for things to come.


And this time, things really happen.

After our session, I tried to regularly open my Gmail – but – it didn’t work! Just within seconds, I realized, what happened. Miss Anna took control over my Google account. When I saw her mock smiles appearing on the screen, the embarrassment woke me up from the trance I was in. I immediately took all necessary steps to regain control over my account, and it worked. But…only for a few minutes. Then, the access was denied again! And Miss Anna was very strict this time. She explained to me, that She is skilful with the IT stuff, and once She had control over my account for a while, it was no major problem for Her to restore in anytime She wanted. I tried hard to get my account back, but with a zero result. My Google account was in Her hands, and I really felt like losing ground. I was seriously in fear.

I obediently sent her the tribute She demanded, and the next day, when She was once again toying with my computer, I was seriously afraid of Her. There was no more calm and pleasant state, but a serious state of terror. I was repeatedly asking Her, what is She doing on my computer, but Her answer was just “getting to know you.”

When She was satisfied with what She has done to my computer, I just opened one very important website, necessary for my work, and tried to log in. But – it didn’t work. I tried it again several times, but the password was simply wrong. I realized I am indeed fucked up now. She had me within Her grasp, and I had no choice, but to devote another tribute to Her, this time quite a high amount of money, and the beg. I begged desperately, I was in fact almost crying, while sitting on my chair. And Miss Anna was toying with me. This time not with my computer, but directly with my mind. She was terrorizing me with words, explaining in detail, how easily and how completely She could destroy me, and soon I felt a serious headache, and first tears appeared in my eyes. I knew there is no escape, I am trapped now, and there is no other future for me than to serve Miss Anna. I got broken down.

And, in the moment She knew I am finally broken, She shocked me again – She has shown me mercy. At least it seemed to me to be mercy. She gave me that important profile back, and sent me a message explaining, that She in fact doesn’t want to destroy me. She enjoys control and abuse, but She want me to live – in her thrall.

I was endlessly glad for it, thanked Her a lot and supposed this game to be over. It really seemed so a few days, but then … Miss Anna started to literally haunt my head. I tried to fight it, but there was no way. Soon I realized, that there must be something like a malware not within my PC, but within my head. It was impossible to resist Miss Anna. Impossible to resist Miss Anna…Impossible to resist Miss Anna…and so on, and so on. I returned to Her website and sent Her just a nice message, explaining I still admire Her. It seemed my return didn’t surprise Her at all. Obviously, She was expecting this. And when She wrote me back, I felt like a trigger was pushed in my mind. I don’t exactly know how, but She somehow managed to literally install a trigger into my brain.

She does no longer need to control my computer, because now, She controls my thoughts. I was commanded by Her to write this report, and to stay by Her feet as her minion – just for her little amusement, perhaps for Her little profit.

While writing this report, I realized I am no longer afraid of Miss Anna. She is in fact not so cruel – or, better to say, She can be very cruel, but not without reason. She enjoys the power She has over Her minions, and She is very effective in establishing that power. In fact, all resistance is futile – once a guy registers to Miss Anna’s website and writes Her a message, he should really embrace his upcoming status of Her prey, Her toy, and finally, Her devoted servant. Because She will find Her way into his head. One way or another, She will rule the mind of each and every man She points on. There is no choice. No will. No future … except the one Miss Anna has prepared for me.

Her subservient


He did a pretty good job at describing this. He got a taste of what it’s like to be controlled by Me, and I think we will go even deeper next time. I think this is tempting for all of the tv control addicts that are dying to try one of these sessions. I dare you to try it, and become my minion just like my hypnotisedslave that wrote this.
You never know what can happen until you try it 🙂


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