Owned as Miss Anna’s Chastity servant

To start with a brief introduction of myself, I’ve been a long‐time servant (on and off) of Miss Anna. The most amazing and vastly superior Woman you will ever meet! And over the past eleven years, owns me now in ways I never thought imaginable!

I’m entirely amazed with the progression of Female Supremacy in today’s modern life. Men get ready because this is the future. So many more Women are in charge of and CEO’s of big firms than ever before! We will be doing what is commanded by them, most likely be kept in chastity to further ensure our obedience and subservience, massaging their feet when she instructs, and basically do whatever to make their lives more comfortable and convenient.

I have experienced this first hand as Miss Anna’s servant. I’ve been proudly kept locked in her chastity device for just over 5 weeks now! And believe me, the last thing I would ever want to do is disappoint her now. Furthermore, I am given daily chores (online) to help with her blog and websites—I couldn’t be happier knowing I’m making her life easier and pleasant. Basically any orgasms must come with her permission and approval. Every restraining ache I feel in this chastity device is a constant reminder that she truly owns me! Aside that, Miss Anna also owns me financially. 20% of each paycheck is placed at her feet along with a kiss to her high heeled stilettos.

Women have finally learned that they can conquer anything these days, and in most cases, earning more money than men. Simply stated, they are the bread winners in today’s society. Miss Anna is no doubt an extremely wealthy Woman—a wealthy slave owner. This is the norm in the World today, and it’s growing a such a rapid pace. Female Supremacy is our Future!


In my opinion, this is how life is meant to be—Women in complete control with males as their subordinates. I definitely feel the World is evolving to where Women will take charge and put men to work for them. We will be kept locked and used only when a Female grant’s us permission. Will this lead to a better World you may ask? Absolutely.

Being kept chastised by Miss Anna has already preprogrammed my brain to think in terms of Female Supremacy. Miss Anna will sometimes grant me a release upon good behavior, but she is always aware of when it’s time to lock back in. I truly have her to thank for making me a better and more subservient male who knows my place will always be at her feet serving as my owner.
As you always state, Miss Anna, chastity is a highly (if not the most) effective training “accessory” for Women today, and you implement it so well, your Highness by random chastity spot checks with date, time, and proper verification photos.

I used to feel a bit embarrassed of showing photos of myself locked and vulnerable like this, but now, my submission and everyday normal life is being locked and serving You to the best of my ability.

Chastity slave ben

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