• Last year in images

    I thought of writing here, after a year of absence from the blog. The idea of a blog is to write about things that are going on in your life, but when you just do the things, and they’re too many, and all happen too fast, you just don’t find the time to write about it.

    I did try to keep you up to date through my twitter feed, so if you followed me on twitter, you already know what has been going on. But I will try to write it down in a few words… or let the images do the talking for now… basically the pictures will do most of the talking, otherwise there could be books written about it.

  • Latest updates

    These are the most important updates for the moment:

    Progress in my training: submissives are starting to understand what their duty is and fully accomplish it. They get me things I like or go get lingerie they think I will like to see on them, they open folders on their pc they know I would like to find about. They do things to make me happy. And I am very happy about it.

    mistress nylons
    Fall holidays. I love taking holidays in the fall season because of the right weather and the right amount of people travelling around that time of the year. I love the freedom of being able to leave anytime I want but when I do it I take many things into consideration, like weather, humidity…If it s too much heat you get sweaty, if it’s too humid curls will fall apart, if it s too crowded you don’t get to enjoy things you normally would, you don’t get to visit freely all the places you’d like to, or in the comfort you would like.

  • My shoe obsession

    I have this little substance abuse problem… expensive footwear.
    I didn’t know I was addicted until I tried to stop…

    A few days ago one of my loyal submissives sent me an email in which he wrote about his shoe obsession, with the intention of me sharing it here with everybody. I thought it would be only fair if I wrote my own story first before posting his. After all, it’s my blog and I decided i should write more about me on here. I also think it wouldn’t be complete without my point of view on this important subject, that is shoes. I already get many many questions and comments from subs who keep asking me things about my shoes. At first I was surprised by this curiosity, but then I understood it is normal, I do have many pairs!!

    red stiletto

  • Stuff I feel like writing

    I didn’t know what to name this post, but here are some things about me I wouldn’t normally talk about. So here it goes:

    why I do this

    Is a question I hear pretty often and here is a chance to write about it so I don’t have to write the answers as often as it would normally be necessary. I chose to do this (webcam thing) because it gives me independence, I can control my life, my schedule, not have a boss or anyone telling me what to do. Financial independence would be something else, but that I would have had by doing anything I would have set up my mind to do. But the freedom it gives me is important to me so I can travel and do all the things that are called superficial.
    goddess feet
    I love feeling and looking pretty, being dressed up and wearing nice shoes, I also love nice conversations and open minded people so all of these things are checked when doing this.

  • When virtual life meets real life

    First I have to say I am overwhelmed by the number of messages I’ve got in my inbox from my submissives who wanted to be featured here with their fantasies and posts they wrote for me. I’ve been meaning to post them but I thought it wouldn’t be fair to do that without me writing something first …since it’s my blog after all.
    So here are some things that happened since the last time I wrote here: a trip to Lisbon, followed by an award for my site DominantMiss, and then a lot of new shoes happened too. The thing is I’ve been so busy online that I didn’t have time to write on here, but I did make time to post on twitter almost every day. If you want to check whether I am online or not, the best way is to check my twitter, I always make sure to let you know about important things and updates.

    So you’re probably wondering now why I chose this title…It all has to do with my trip to Lisbon and being invited to the Live Cam Awards as one of the co-hosts there.

    That involved giving awards to other hosts who were voted as the best cam models in 2018. The action took place in Portugal, close to Lisbon, in Casino Estoril, in a beautiful location that made you feel like a star, all the lights were shining so bright, and the atmosphere there was surreal!

  • Lady Boss

    As a proud lady boss, I enjoy it so much to train all of my submissives to become loyal and to remain faithful to me and me alone. They forget about everything else when they’re with me because I make them feel owned and controlled. I always make sure that they fully serve me according to my mood and desire, and what happens is that somehow I make them want to come back for more.
    It is just like I wrote earlier in one my previous posts where some submissives freaked out thinking they could resist serving me only to come back later after they realize that they cannot live without their master.
    I recently received a mail from a submissive who was going through the exact same situation. He admitted he couldn’t make up his mind whether to continue under my control or not, and felt that I was making him less of himself and so he wanted to “break away” but he soon realised that his desire to be controlled was far greater than the urge to let go. After a few days of intense struggle with himself, he couldn’t help but return and surrender to me… this time for good he says.
    Here is what he wrote:
    “My love for Miss Anna knows no bounds, it is like a burning flame that keeps me safe and warm from the freezing cold. I have never felt more alive than when in the company of Miss Anna. She is the only dominatrix that truly understands me and I feel like I’ve known her forever. I’ve been around a couple femdom sites in search of a true dominatrix that can satisfy my wishes of being controlled and she has surpassed them all in every aspect.
    Miss Anna is one lady boss that I would describe as the perfect mistress. She has all the features and characteristic of a real lady boss, and she is exceedingly good at what she does – a true master of her craft.


  • My latest adventures

    As I am sure you might have noticed, I came back online these days. I have been away for the last 2 weeks, doing a bit of traveling, and attending an event that gathered the online video chat community.
    mistress nylons

  • Barcelona and the Best Fetish Cam Model

    Last few weeks have been busy for me with a trip to Barcelona where I was pleasantly surprised to receive a very important award for me: Best fetish live cam model. Since for the last 10 years I’ve been mistress-ing online and doing a good job at it, this award came as an acknowledgement of my work in the field, and of course this made me very very happy.


    Now let me tell you a bit about my stay in Barcelona, and about the event of course.
    This whole event took place in Sitges, a nice seaside resort near Barcelona, Spain.

  • Latest news

    I know I haven’t posted on here in a long time and in case you’ve been asking what’s new with me, here is a new post. Only the post is new, since my life is almost the same… It seems the same, but the places I visit are new, the things I shop for are new.
    So… where should I start? Well…during the winter time I like to take it easy, I like to get a lot of massages, to go to spas.


    What I also like to do during winter time is to take advantage of the winter sales and shop. My favourite thing, but you know that already. There’s something about the way a beautiful woman looks when she is well dressed, it makes her even more desirable and irresistible, and that’s what I aim for… to be simply irresistible!!


  • Fallen into my trap

    Tonight I had two easy preys fall into my trap… I call it trap because they feel like so, but for me, I feel there’s no trap effort involved, since they just arrive at my feet…somehow. I can’t explain how…yet they are perfectly aware of the things that make them humbly submit before my power.

    For instance, slave t. admitted that he tried to stay away for a while…but he had to come back to me, since he felt I was drawing him back somehow.

    As a slave when you come back…you have that feeling like you lost the battle, you tried to resist serving me but you had to come back. After you get over that, it starts feeling good, like getting back to where you belong (so I’ve been told).