• Sissy betty’s confession

    When I first met sissy betty, he was not actually a sissy, he was just a beta man struggling hard to accept reality. I kept telling him how I knew he was a sissy and he could not escape his fate until he started to believe it, and finally accepted it, after years of living in denial. He told me how liberating it was to embrace his sissy life. Everything happened slowly, but something was always the same: his addiction to my mind and eyes. He had to keep coming back to worship me, and to get mesmerized by my eyes, while I was talking to him about his true nature, helping him accept everything.

  • Broken in

    I met Miss Anna long ago, maybe ten years ago in the early days of my discovery of ”the other side”. Miss Anna impressed me right away, with her style, her manners and calm way of behavior. She was appealing, sexy and nice to be with.

    There was something about her eyes, somehow hypnotic and interesting, it is said that the eyes are the entrance to the soul.
    I have always been stroking around as I pleased, an unfaithful wanker. But after visiting different types of Mistresses, I seemed to be returning to fewer and among them was the classic, stylish, majestic Miss Anna. Mistresses tend to be possessive, but I was always very careful, hiding behind nicknames and always ready to run and hide.
    Miss Anna managed to keep me in video longer than others, but for some reason which I forgot, probably my coming and going, I managed to get banned from her profile.

  • Owned as Miss Anna’s Chastity servant

    To start with a brief introduction of myself, I’ve been a long‐time servant (on and off) of Miss Anna. The most amazing and vastly superior Woman you will ever meet! And over the past eleven years, owns me now in ways I never thought imaginable!

    I’m entirely amazed with the progression of Female Supremacy in today’s modern life. Men get ready because this is the future. So many more Women are in charge of and CEO’s of big firms than ever before! We will be doing what is commanded by them, most likely be kept in chastity to further ensure our obedience and subservience, massaging their feet when she instructs, and basically do whatever to make their lives more comfortable and convenient.

  • About 2020

    Last year I wrote a post about the previous year and I thought I should do the same this year too. Unfortunately last year was not so exciting compared to the previous years, but for my submissives it was more interesting because of all the content that I had the time to create.

    online dominatrix

    So this is what I am doing now, I am writing about the last year… I know most of you don’t like to talk about it and I even saw a trend and a hashtag “fuck2020” but since I am a positive person, I like to see the good in everything.

  • Last year in images

    I thought of writing here, after a year of absence from the blog. The idea of a blog is to write about things that are going on in your life, but when you just do the things, and they’re too many, and all happen too fast, you just don’t find the time to write about it.

    I did try to keep you up to date through my twitter feed, so if you followed me on twitter, you already know what has been going on. But I will try to write it down in a few words… or let the images do the talking for now… basically the pictures will do most of the talking, otherwise there could be books written about it.

  • Locked as Miss Anna’s Chastity Slave

    As I write this confession, I am locked so tightly in your cage, Miss Anna my Owner. As a firm
    believer in Female Supremacy in today’s world, this secured device wrapped so tightly around
    my testicles is a constant reminder of my place at your feet, your Highness. Keeping me
    chastised does help me focus on proper servitude, attentiveness, and subservience toward you,
    Miss Anna, which makes me want to go the extra distance to earn my short chastity release.
    (Kissing your divine, beautifully pedicured feet and begging so desperately, your Highness..)

  • Leather fantasies

    Today’s fantasy I received in the mail is about leather. No wonder it’s on this topic since as a dominatrix I love wearing leather very often in my online chats and sessions. I like the feeling of leather on my body, I like how it compliments my body and how I can play with different outfits to look more elegant or more strict or even glamorous if I wear it with satin for instance. I love to combine different fabrics to get different looks.
    leather skirt
    I found that one of my favorite mix and matches is lace and leather, I love how I can look soft and strict at the same time, but without doubt classy, and that is something I always want to be, classy and fabulous. Now that I introduced you to leather, I will leave you with my sub’s report/fantasy:

  • Being One of Miss Anna’s Chastity Slaves

    I’ve met Miss Anna around eight years ago on a femdom chat site and have been enslaved to her since then. I must say that no other online domme has ever made me feel the way I did as when I was chatting with her. Instantly, I knew I belonged at her feet in complete submission along with her many other countless slaves.

    After some time getting to know each other better, Miss Anna made me very curious about “male chastity.” We agreed that my first chastity device should be a CB3000. After trying it out many times before long-term lockup, I could instantly see how submissive and obedient chastity makes a male—I was completely at her mercy. It really is no wonder so many Women today are discovering the benefits of keeping their men locked! It’s simple, we become better trained submissive’s and fully subservient to our Female Owner’s.

  • Miss Anna’s sissy

    This was quite usual evening / night when I met Mistress Anna for the first time. It was on camcontacts. I immediately fell for her while reading her profile and just got into the text chat. I may be a rather pathetic boy who is not able to do private chats pretty often, but I really had an eye opening time with Mistress Anna.

    My lingerie fetish started for good when I was 17 when I served online for the first time. That Lady told me to have some fun with some lingerie (the way I aquired it will be a bit of mystery now). She wanted me to start slowly and just masturbate with it on. So I did. That time I even had no thoughts how this journey will last and to what direction it will lead me. As I See now it let towards Mistress Anna.

    The day we met I already had some experience with wearing lingerie, had a “small” collection of lingerie and toys, had some sissy experiences with joi, sph, verbal humiliation, exposing some of my pics in private mailing exchange and on certain profiles like fetlife or collarspace and tiny experience with anal and cei. Along that Mistress convinced me to publish my sissy pics for her on agreed terms of course as she might be harsh but she really cares for her slaves. It started for good, Lady reviewed my collection, my toys, my experience, she did ask me a lot of questions to know me better and to make me feel safe.

  • Her beta slave

    I’ve always known since a long time that I was meant to be a beta slave but I’ve had a hard time finding the right mistress to fulfill my fantasy until I came across Miss Anna’s chat. The issue that always came up was that I’ve always needed just the right amount of humiliation, combined with the right about of seduction coming from a mistress. I’ve always imagined the right mistress more like a Goddess between mortals: beautiful, seductive, powerful, superior.
    Usually, when I get attracted to the other sex I start to feel weak and crave to bow to their feminine dominance. This was exactly the kind of feeling I had during my first encounter with Miss Anna, and hers was over the roof so I had no choice but to surrender to her, and ever since I made that decision, there has been no looking back.
    Over the years, I’ve grown to accept my fate as a beta slave. Whenever I find myself in a relationship with any woman, I get the natural feeling to be submissive to her. I fantasise that women only date me in order that I become their cuckold or servant or sissy maid. And because it’s so hard to come across a genuine dominant woman in real life, I’m always looking online for the right mistress.

    As a beta slave, I’m totally aware of the fact that women aren’t attracted to me because of my looks or anything, but simply because they recognize me as beta. Miss Anna has been my favorite mistress who fully understands me and my beta needs, but she also uses her sex appeal in order to make me weaker than I already am. She teases me and makes fun of me, making me do humiliating tasks and perform degrading acts just to please her.