• Latest updates

    These are the most important updates for the moment:

    Progress in my training: submissives are starting to understand what their duty is and fully accomplish it. They get me things I like or go get lingerie they think I will like to see on them, they open folders on their pc they know I would like to find about. They do things to make me happy. And I am very happy about it.

    mistress nylons
    Fall holidays. I love taking holidays in the fall season because of the right weather and the right amount of people travelling around that time of the year. I love the freedom of being able to leave anytime I want but when I do it I take many things into consideration, like weather, humidity…If it s too much heat you get sweaty, if it’s too humid curls will fall apart, if it s too crowded you don’t get to enjoy things you normally would, you don’t get to visit freely all the places you’d like to, or in the comfort you would like.

  • How to makeup as a Sissy

    Being a sissy comes with a lot of perks and at the same time can be a little frustrating especially when it comes to applying makeup and dressing up. Every sissy wishes to achieve a perfect feminine appearance and therefore, are more than willing to spend a lot of their time and resources to achieve that goal.
    Let’s face it, when a sissy sees all of these amazing images and videos of celebrity makeup, they can only hope that their efforts will be at least close to such perfection. Sadly, many sissies who are just starting out and wanting to progress to completely passing as a female in the real world always find applying makeup to be a huge challenge for them.
    As a mistress who specializes in online domination and fetish role plays, I’ve had several chances of coming across a lot of sissies who are not too happy with their makeup and wish that it could be better. They are mostly at loss as to what makeup product to use and sissy wears to buy and how best to apply the makeup products that they buy.
    Though Youtube has been of some help to sissies who want to learn how to properly apply their makeup and clothing, most of the tips and tricks in the videos showcased there provide conflicting instructions and are filled with people saying different things.
    Many times I’ve had to deal with questions from sissies like, how can I get a healthy facial skin? What are the best techniques for shaving my beard? What can I use to groom/ wax my brows? What are the best clothing items to wear as a sissy? And so many more.
    Well, if you’re one of the sissies who are at crossroads on how to apply makeup and dress more feminine I have some good news for you. I’ve been able to compile some tips and tricks of my own that can help you become better at being a sissy and achieving your dream of becoming more feminine.

  • Pantyhose fetish

    I received an email from a submissive about pantyhose so I thought I should write an introduction to it, so you can have my point of view too on this important subject. Almost every day I would have someone come in my chat and tell me about their nylon passion, so immediately I would say how I love nylon too (obviously) and all kinds of it, including pantyhose and stockings. I actually have a thing for all nice and soft feeling fabrics such as satin, lace, silk, nylon, and all other similar ones that feel good when you touch them. I am a very highly sensitive person, you know how some people have a well developed sense when it comes to sounds, music, I am the contrary of that, but I am good when it comes to visual things, I can remember where things are in space, and also my sense of touch is quite developed too, meaning that I can recognize fabrics just by touching them even if I were to be blindfolded.

  • Entranced slave

    I received an email from one of my regular loyal submissives who loves to be hypnotized by me.
    Hypnosis fetish, otherwise known as hypnofetish is a unique but quite common type of fetish that has been around for a while. It is unique in the sense that, those who practice the hypnosis fetish have their sexuality centered on a strange psychological phenomenon.
    For most men, their hypnosis fetish could be triggered by the seductive gaze of a good-looking mistress. I often come across such submissives who have a thing for this. I have been receiving compliments on my eyes for as long as I can remember, but back then I didn’t know the power that my eyes really have. Even to this day I keep receiving compliments on them and it seems that with my new hair color, my eyes stand out even more.
    hypnotizing eyes

    I don’t know if it’s a coincidence the fact that this sub of mine came to my chatroom, right after my hair color change, either way, I love the attention my eyes are getting. Sometimes I’d be wearing a new pair of high heels or new dress and my eyes get more compliments than anything else. My eyes have also been said to have hypnotizing powers over many subs.

  • My Stiletto Fetish

    When it comes to fetishes in general, nothing comes close to feet and toes in notoriety. Be that as it may, with regards to clothing, shoes might not be men’s deepest fantasy, as they tend to be very neglected. But this is why I want to write this post (with slave mischa’s contribution) and bring them into the spot light because they deserve their place here on my blog.
    The stiletto fetish might not be so well known, but it is a sort of fetish that has been in existence for some time and has been one of my favorite things to explore because of my deep and obsessive passion for high heels.
    A typical stiletto lover has different likes and dislikes when it comes to shoes. It’s not the same for everyone. For instance, as a woman with an obsession for shoes I have my own preferences, I like my high heels to reveal my feet, but not a whole lot of them, I like them to be high but not too high. And the same goes for a stiletto fetishist, he admires different things in his mistress’ shoes.

    Just like we see the world differently, people see shoes differently. And it’s all because there are so many details to be admired in a shoe: its beautiful sexy shape, its pointy tip, and high heel, essentially everything about the stiletto shoes and what makes them special.

  • My shoe obsession

    I have this little substance abuse problem… expensive footwear.
    I didn’t know I was addicted until I tried to stop…

    A few days ago one of my loyal submissives sent me an email in which he wrote about his shoe obsession, with the intention of me sharing it here with everybody. I thought it would be only fair if I wrote my own story first before posting his. After all, it’s my blog and I decided i should write more about me on here. I also think it wouldn’t be complete without my point of view on this important subject, that is shoes. I already get many many questions and comments from subs who keep asking me things about my shoes. At first I was surprised by this curiosity, but then I understood it is normal, I do have many pairs!!

    red stiletto

  • My Femdom Fantasy

    As a mistress in the online female domination world, I get to meet many submissives who are particularly obsessed with one slave fantasy or the other. It is not uncommon to find these submissives browsing around femdom sites looking for a dominatrix to completely control and discipline them.
    So many of my online sessions have been characterized by instances where a submissive would reveal his fetish for the feeling of being controlled by a dominatrix. The thought of having to give up their freedom, to them, is the best break from the reality and the normal boredom and certainty of everyday life. Sometimes, I find that when they don’t know what is going to happen next, they’re the most excited they’ve been that whole week. When they lose control of what they are allowed to do. When you normally are in control 100% of the time, you love losing !% of that control in a femdom chat.
    I’ve dominated with all kinds of submissives who have kinky femdom and BDSM fantasies for months and some even years. They love engaging in various kinds of BDSM activities such as rope bondage, cbt, chastity, edge play, and all kinds of role plays. Some prefer dominance and submission, while some even having their computer controlled. They feel they lose all freedom over their lives that are controlled this way by me.
    Unfortunately, not many submissives find the dominatrix or mistress they’re into – one who can truly understand their deepest fetish desires and fulfill their femdom fetishes. They browse web pages upon web pages of BDSM and female domination sites hoping to find the perfect dominatrix for their femdom fantasy.

  • Stuff I feel like writing

    I didn’t know what to name this post, but here are some things about me I wouldn’t normally talk about. So here it goes:

    why I do this

    Is a question I hear pretty often and here is a chance to write about it so I don’t have to write the answers as often as it would normally be necessary. I chose to do this (webcam thing) because it gives me independence, I can control my life, my schedule, not have a boss or anyone telling me what to do. Financial independence would be something else, but that I would have had by doing anything I would have set up my mind to do. But the freedom it gives me is important to me so I can travel and do all the things that are called superficial.
    goddess feet
    I love feeling and looking pretty, being dressed up and wearing nice shoes, I also love nice conversations and open minded people so all of these things are checked when doing this.

  • Trapped again

    It has been some time, since I decided and swore to myself, that I will never ever again visit Miss Anna’s website. I simply realized, that she is too powerful for me, and I have no other choice to resist the power she has over me, but to quit all communication with her at one moment, once and for all.
    For almost a year I didn’t click on her site, didn’t use nor even visit my twitter account, and finally, sweet oblivion came: There were certain days I didn’t even realize, that Miss Anna exists at all.
    One such day, I was searching something in my e-mail box, and I noticed there is a long list of notifications from twitter in the unwanted messages folder. And, just from curiosity, I click on one of these notifications. I didn’t expect anything wrong to happen – I was deeply convinced that Miss Anna is past for me, she no longer possesses any power over me, and I am free to live my life on.

    This conviction was terminated by one single look at Miss Anna’s latest post. On the photo attached to it, she looked so elegant, so intelligent, so seductive and mesmerizing – as always, as in the dark dream which haunted me for months and which I foolishly supposed to be finally over.

  • The Dominatrix


    For many slaves, getting the much desired maximum satisfaction from their online dominatrix is something I’ve come to realize is very relative, as this depends on every submissive. Just like every dominant has their ways they run their sessions, just like that the submissive is turned on by different things. When a submissive feels that his fantasies are not being adequately fulfilled, he is certain to find satisfaction at the feet of another dominatrix who can properly dominate him.

    Recently, I came across a very interesting and passionate submissive who is quite obsessed with bondage and discipline. He is into bdsm, he is turned on by  the fantasy of being handcuffed, gagged, and whipped by a strict and cruel dominatrix.mistress