Her beta slave

I’ve always known since a long time that I was meant to be a beta slave but I’ve had a hard time finding the right mistress to fulfill my fantasy until I came across Miss Anna’s chat. The issue that always came up was that I’ve always needed just the right amount of humiliation, combined with the right about of seduction coming from a mistress. I’ve always imagined the right mistress more like a Goddess between mortals: beautiful, seductive, powerful, superior.
Usually, when I get attracted to the other sex I start to feel weak and crave to bow to their feminine dominance. This was exactly the kind of feeling I had during my first encounter with Miss Anna, and hers was over the roof so I had no choice but to surrender to her, and ever since I made that decision, there has been no looking back.
Over the years, I’ve grown to accept my fate as a beta slave. Whenever I find myself in a relationship with any woman, I get the natural feeling to be submissive to her. I fantasise that women only date me in order that I become their cuckold or servant or sissy maid. And because it’s so hard to come across a genuine dominant woman in real life, I’m always looking online for the right mistress.

As a beta slave, I’m totally aware of the fact that women aren’t attracted to me because of my looks or anything, but simply because they recognize me as beta. Miss Anna has been my favorite mistress who fully understands me and my beta needs, but she also uses her sex appeal in order to make me weaker than I already am. She teases me and makes fun of me, making me do humiliating tasks and perform degrading acts just to please her.

For Miss Anna, making me do those humiliating tasks helps to satisfy her kinky desires or whatever else it does for her but for me, the feeling is not only mutual but goes way beyond that, it is like a dream come true, a cure for my lifelong addiction, and only Miss Anna could give me such blissful euphoria.
During our time together, we have grown so fond of each other and I’ve never felt more comfortable being a beta with any other mistress than I have with Miss Anna. She feminises me, and makes me sniff poppers and then she takes pics of me dressed up as a sissy slut to amuse her friends. I still have to get comfortable about her using those pics on her social profiles, but in time maybe I will want that more and I tell her to use them to amuse everybody.
Usually when I’m with other mistresses it takes a bit of compelling to get me excited and make me do all of those humiliating tasks but with Miss Anna it just comes naturally to me. I’ve never felt so at home with any other mistress when it comes to expressing my beta nature than I have been with Miss Anna. She always starts our chat by smiling and making me comfortable, teasing me and telling me all the things that would please her. She will only start using me properly when she sees my weak, silly face expression on webcam, She waits, and smiles, and teases, and instructs me, until I give in to her and start doing all she wants from me.
leather domme
She first dresses up in leather outfits, leather boots, fine nylons, and then she gets me so weak with her powerful looks, that I cannot help getting on my knees for her and worshipping her and end up doing as she says. I dream of her cuckolding me and taking over my life more than she already has. Owning me for life.

In the past I’ve been with dominant women who would invite their friends over as I served them while being dressed in sissy maid outfit and bringing them tea and cookies that I made for them myself. It’s a thing I love and I enjoy being useful because I know that I’m a beta and I’ve accepted my fate.
My chat sessions with Miss Anna didn’t necessarily require all of that but I have mentally pictured myself serving her and attending to her needs and trust me it was an exhilarating experience, one that I would relive again and again. I’ve explored all imaginable fantasies that I can think of as a beta slave of Miss Anna, and I still can’t get enough of it.

leather mistress
I totally believe in female supremacy and Miss Anna is a true definition of such female dominance. I like having a lady boss to rule my life, a woman who effortlessly reigns in her domain and knows exactly how to project such elegance and magnificence to everything and everyone she encounters.
elegant dominatrix
Ever since Miss Anna came into my life, it has never remained the same again and I’m loving every bit of the experience. She has taken total control of everything in my life, she is in charge of my time, she organizes my schedule, and she makes all the important decisions for me.
Miss Anna has been so domineering, she has literally influenced every decision making process in my life. I’ve totally lost control of how I should spend my salary, where I should spend my holidays, and many other personal things, she is completely in charge of all that and I can’t help but love it.
I have to admit, being a beta slave to Miss Anna has been a thrilling and exciting experience for me and I wouldn’t want to pass up the opportunity to spend time with her for anything or anyone else. I know what is required of me and she also understands me more than any other mistress had.
There are instances where we disagree and then she gives me a stern warning and I just break down and submit to her will. I know that I have to behave and do as Miss Anna tells me otherwise she will chastise me or lock me up in her chastity device.
One thing is certain, wherever our relationship leads us, I’m willing to follow it through till the end. Miss Anna deserves the very best for making me realise my dreams of serving the right mistress. I really hope she keeps me and uses me as her submissive beta slave for a long time to come.

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