Being One of Miss Anna’s Chastity Slaves

I’ve met Miss Anna around eight years ago on a femdom chat site and have been enslaved to her since then. I must say that no other online domme has ever made me feel the way I did as when I was chatting with her. Instantly, I knew I belonged at her feet in complete submission along with her many other countless slaves.

After some time getting to know each other better, Miss Anna made me very curious about “male chastity.” We agreed that my first chastity device should be a CB3000. After trying it out many times before long-term lockup, I could instantly see how submissive and obedient chastity makes a male—I was completely at her mercy. It really is no wonder so many Women today are discovering the benefits of keeping their men locked! It’s simple, we become better trained submissive’s and fully subservient to our Female Owner’s.

After all these years, I’m still caged and secured by her, although now locked in the Master Series Jail House device. It really is amazing how one simple device and a serialized numbered tag has brought me to my knees at her feet in submission! Miss Anna is also very educated on the art of male chastity, so I wouldn’t recommend trying to fool her—she will catch you. Being kept locked 24/7 does take time to get used too. The steel cage wrapped around my male member is a constant reminder of her ownership of me, both day and night. Being kept locked, there is no selfish and time-wasting masturbation habits, no cheating, just unparalleled subservience to her demands and desires for me.

In my opinion, this is how life is meant to be—Women in complete control with males as their subordinates. I definitely feel the World is evolving to where Women will take charge and put men to work for them. We will be kept locked and used only when a Female grant’s us permission. Will this lead to a better World you may ask? Absolutely. Being kept chastised by Miss Anna has already preprogrammed my brain to think in terms of Female Supremacy. Miss Anna will sometimes grant me a release upon good behavior, but she is always aware of when it’s time to lock back in. I truly have her to thank for making me a better and more subservient male who knows my place will always be at her feet serving as my owner.

Chastity Slave Ben

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