• Sissy betty’s confession

    When I first met sissy betty, he was not actually a sissy, he was just a beta man struggling hard to accept reality. I kept telling him how I knew he was a sissy and he could not escape his fate until he started to believe it, and finally accepted it, after years of living in denial. He told me how liberating it was to embrace his sissy life. Everything happened slowly, but something was always the same: his addiction to my mind and eyes. He had to keep coming back to worship me, and to get mesmerized by my eyes, while I was talking to him about his true nature, helping him accept everything.

  • Miss Anna’s sissy

    This was quite usual evening / night when I met Mistress Anna for the first time. It was on camcontacts. I immediately fell for her while reading her profile and just got into the text chat. I may be a rather pathetic boy who is not able to do private chats pretty often, but I really had an eye opening time with Mistress Anna.

    My lingerie fetish started for good when I was 17 when I served online for the first time. That Lady told me to have some fun with some lingerie (the way I aquired it will be a bit of mystery now). She wanted me to start slowly and just masturbate with it on. So I did. That time I even had no thoughts how this journey will last and to what direction it will lead me. As I See now it let towards Mistress Anna.

    The day we met I already had some experience with wearing lingerie, had a “small” collection of lingerie and toys, had some sissy experiences with joi, sph, verbal humiliation, exposing some of my pics in private mailing exchange and on certain profiles like fetlife or collarspace and tiny experience with anal and cei. Along that Mistress convinced me to publish my sissy pics for her on agreed terms of course as she might be harsh but she really cares for her slaves. It started for good, Lady reviewed my collection, my toys, my experience, she did ask me a lot of questions to know me better and to make me feel safe.

  • How to makeup as a Sissy

    Being a sissy comes with a lot of perks and at the same time can be a little frustrating especially when it comes to applying makeup and dressing up. Every sissy wishes to achieve a perfect feminine appearance and therefore, are more than willing to spend a lot of their time and resources to achieve that goal.
    Let’s face it, when a sissy sees all of these amazing images and videos of celebrity makeup, they can only hope that their efforts will be at least close to such perfection. Sadly, many sissies who are just starting out and wanting to progress to completely passing as a female in the real world always find applying makeup to be a huge challenge for them.
    As a mistress who specializes in online domination and fetish role plays, I’ve had several chances of coming across a lot of sissies who are not too happy with their makeup and wish that it could be better. They are mostly at loss as to what makeup product to use and sissy wears to buy and how best to apply the makeup products that they buy.
    Though Youtube has been of some help to sissies who want to learn how to properly apply their makeup and clothing, most of the tips and tricks in the videos showcased there provide conflicting instructions and are filled with people saying different things.
    Many times I’ve had to deal with questions from sissies like, how can I get a healthy facial skin? What are the best techniques for shaving my beard? What can I use to groom/ wax my brows? What are the best clothing items to wear as a sissy? And so many more.
    Well, if you’re one of the sissies who are at crossroads on how to apply makeup and dress more feminine I have some good news for you. I’ve been able to compile some tips and tricks of my own that can help you become better at being a sissy and achieving your dream of becoming more feminine.

  • Sissy for Miss Anna

    Last few days I was offline to enjoy some “me time”, so when I decided to check out my messages, I found an interesting email. It’s always nice to see that my loyal submissives are checking up on me when I am away, I always appreciate the messages you send, showing your worship, it really makes me happy to see that I am missed. In my last post I challenged you to share with me your fantasies, and I did receive quite a few. But for now this one email caught my attention.

    This sissy has been trained by me for about a year now, he is into feminization. At first he said he wants to become the best and to truly fulfill his sissy wishes. And because I think he has the potential to become a perfect sissy slut I started training him. Long story short here’s what he wrote:

    “Getting to meet Miss Anna was a life-changing experience for me. I can vividly remember the first night we chatted. It was a quiet evening, after one of those long days at work. I was surfing the net for some femdom stuff when I came across her femdom profile on twitter. This intrigued me because I have always had this inner craving to surrender to a powerful Goddess and to dress up and get more feminine.

  • Sissy training time

    These weeks I haven’t posted since I was busy. When I wasn’t just relaxing or shopping or doing something I really enjoy, I was online training my submissives.
    recent shopping
    You will wonder why I keep bringing shopping into discussion here on the blog, well first of all because it’s something I really love, and secondly because I want to inspire you, to do more of what you love. Life is short and you should really follow my example and do more of that which you love.
    Now back to what I was saying…training my submissives… Mostly sissies. Somehow they are attracted to me. I think they get it that I get them. I am good with sissies, I love to train them, tell them how to be better and better each day. And I am so proud when they are getting better at being more feminine or sluttier. Because that is the purpose, to become better at it, like with all things. Yes you can be better at being a sissy. You can put on a sexier lipstick or blush or highlighter and instantly look so more girly and sexy.

    sissy inspiration

    The second way you can become a better sissy is taking care of your appearance, and I’m not talking about make up this time…but about lingerie. You can wear lingerie that is so sexy and girly, or simply naughty. There are so many nuances to being a sissy, and you can do it in so many ways. And of course the process can be accelerated in the presence of a good Mistress that can guide you, push you in the right direction, show you the precise steps you can take.

  • sexy sissy slave cum in panties

    Slut Chris is exposed some more

    I always love exposing slut Chris from London since he is doing such a good job at wearing panties, he is so dirty, he is such a sissy boy. Look how good he looks in his see through panties. This is the way he is going to go to work from now on. Wearing panties underneath his pants. Just to be the sissy I want him to be. So proud of him!

  • My exposed sissies

    These days I had quite a few sissies visiting Me and begging Me to have them exposed. And this is one of my favorite things to do. For some reasons I’ve always had a thing for true sissies. Maybe the fact that they are so feminine, so eager to become slutty and to dress up in such lovely outfits…or just panties, but each time I managed to get them sluttier and sluttier. This week for me, in my online chat, it has been about sissies, every day had at least a couple of them come by and tell me how they wanted me to make them dirtier and better and better at becoming more feminine. Maybe because I have this tendency to listen and observe so I can see what they lack and what can be better about them. I do care about how slutty they are and how sluttier they could become if they followed some of my tips. That’s why I’ve always had such a good connection with sissy slaves. Now I am going to expose just the sissies that requested that.