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Best kept secrets of a Webcam Mistress

There are some secrets of being a webcam mistress…that almost no mistress will talk about!

During the last decade I’ve accumulated some experience…and some knowledge about this kind of lifestyle that most of you reading this blog are curious about. It’s something intriguing to find out more about most taboo things in life. It’s the curiosity to know what is kept a secret …on purpose. Webcam Mistresses keep their life secret of course, at least most of them try to keep it that way. Some of them …like 10% try to reveal it on purpose…to make it seem more exciting. As for me…I’ve tried to act natural about my life…not make a big fuss out of it. At least that’s how I see it…like something normal. I’ve got used to it so much that it seems natural now.


What is to be kept a secret? Maybe all the sleepless nights, all of the mixed feelings when you see a submissive has been unfaithful. (you do get attached to them as a Mistress…at least I do)
So these would be some cons of the “glamorous” mistress life, that most of us keep a secret. Of course we will never talk about how tired we are or about how upset we are that who we believed to be our most loyal submissive …is not so loyal or…submissive anymore. I guess we get attached to the submissive-dominant relationship just as much as you do, otherwise we wouldn’t be so disappointed when you disobey.

Real Life Mistress

Although our life seems so glamorous we do have bad days (and I am not talking about bad hair days….although that happens too haha)…maybe our pc broke, or it needs software reinstallation or something annoying like that…which gets us out of our “mistress” state of mind…and that’s when we stop being a Goddess and we’re mere mortal haha That’s why we do need our relaxation, and we (at least I do) have lots of it. Sometimes I feel I need my days off to relax and not think or do a lot anymore….just go to the spa or shop or read or watch a movie, or even go on vacation to somewhere I’ve never been before. Yes that’s another secret: Mistresses do need their breaks!!

The bottom line is that all secrets a mistress will keep from you will have something to do with their bad days, they will keep them away from you, because that’s not what it’s all about in our webcam sessions, that’s about our roles and about feeling good. I will never keep a secret from you, since I will never pop up online on one of my “bad days” 🙂

But there are good days, too in the life of a webcam Mistress…which brings me to:

Advantages of being a webcam Mistress

The advantage of being a webcam dominatrix is that we can have our free time, and take our vacation when we want to, without asking a boss for days off. At least, that’s my case, I don’t have to worry about a lot of things, I just do what I feel.
So If you wonder why I am not online more often, that’s because I don’t like to come online if I am not in the mood for it. If I have a bad day I just say to myself “That’s good, now I can have a day off yay!!” And that has something to do with seeing the positive meaning of every situation. Of course you can curse or blame things and people but you can also choose to be zen and take the best of every situation. Who would I blame anyway? Usually people get to blame their bosses, and since I don’t have one, I guess I have to be good to myself Lol Yes I am my own boss -another advantage, and not just my boss, your boss too haha

The biggest advantage of being an online mistress was for me that I could have all the free time that I needed and could use that how I wanted, how I felt. I never did things because I had to. Never. Only what I wanted to do, and it has helped me to feel happy and more grateful for everything, including my good submissives that have served me for years. And that’s a pro, building nice relationships …online. Meeting nice people ( translation: mostly submissive) and having a good time.

Life of a Webcam Dominatrix

The point of this blog entry, in case you are wondering why I am writing about it, is that of bringing light into the Dominatrix life, that usually most would keep a secret. The life of a webcam dominatrix will probably remain a mystery for most, unless they read my blog.

I’ve been asked many times why I am online here, obviously after talking to me, you get it that you’ve just met someone who you can talk to…many things, so the question that many guys ask me: “What are you doing here” and I say: “Chatting with you obviously! :))”
I later found out that guys who thought that their presence on erotic websites was something wrong…thought I was doing something wrong to for being there to chat with them. But those who found it like something fun…kinky…those guys took things as they were:, that is: two adults having fun, obviously!!

Bottom line: being a webcam mistress means having fun…and having lots of interesting kinky online experiences!!