• Owned as Miss Anna’s Chastity servant

    To start with a brief introduction of myself, I’ve been a long‐time servant (on and off) of Miss Anna. The most amazing and vastly superior Woman you will ever meet! And over the past eleven years, owns me now in ways I never thought imaginable!

    I’m entirely amazed with the progression of Female Supremacy in today’s modern life. Men get ready because this is the future. So many more Women are in charge of and CEO’s of big firms than ever before! We will be doing what is commanded by them, most likely be kept in chastity to further ensure our obedience and subservience, massaging their feet when she instructs, and basically do whatever to make their lives more comfortable and convenient.

  • About 2020

    Last year I wrote a post about the previous year and I thought I should do the same this year too. Unfortunately last year was not so exciting compared to the previous years, but for my submissives it was more interesting because of all the content that I had the time to create.

    online dominatrix

    So this is what I am doing now, I am writing about the last year… I know most of you don’t like to talk about it and I even saw a trend and a hashtag “fuck2020” but since I am a positive person, I like to see the good in everything.

  • Locked as Miss Anna’s Chastity Slave

    As I write this confession, I am locked so tightly in your cage, Miss Anna my Owner. As a firm
    believer in Female Supremacy in today’s world, this secured device wrapped so tightly around
    my testicles is a constant reminder of my place at your feet, your Highness. Keeping me
    chastised does help me focus on proper servitude, attentiveness, and subservience toward you,
    Miss Anna, which makes me want to go the extra distance to earn my short chastity release.
    (Kissing your divine, beautifully pedicured feet and begging so desperately, your Highness..)

  • Being One of Miss Anna’s Chastity Slaves

    I’ve met Miss Anna around eight years ago on a femdom chat site and have been enslaved to her since then. I must say that no other online domme has ever made me feel the way I did as when I was chatting with her. Instantly, I knew I belonged at her feet in complete submission along with her many other countless slaves.

    After some time getting to know each other better, Miss Anna made me very curious about “male chastity.” We agreed that my first chastity device should be a CB3000. After trying it out many times before long-term lockup, I could instantly see how submissive and obedient chastity makes a male—I was completely at her mercy. It really is no wonder so many Women today are discovering the benefits of keeping their men locked! It’s simple, we become better trained submissive’s and fully subservient to our Female Owner’s.

  • Being Miss Anna’s Chastity Slave

    To begin this testimonial essay, I’d like to start with a brief introduction and past experiences of being one of many of Miss Anna’s privileged chastity slaves. My journey as Miss Anna’s slave/servant initiated when I met her via online in 2009, from there on out, I have been mostly kept secured in permanent male chastity. Today, I still feel grateful to have the opportunity to still have a place at her feet in servitude and submission.


    chastity slave

  • Just another chastity slave


    As you can see I started posting more here, since I realized I should do it more often. You have been asking me about this, if I read your mail and if it’s good to be posted here, so here I am doing it. I received this from a chastity slave, one of a few of my slaves that are in chastity. He decided he could share a bit of his moments “in prison” just like he always describes it when he desperately tries to convince me to unlock him. But no, I am never convinced, he will stay chastised. I don’t know for how long. Maybe forever?

    chastity device

  • Ben’s chastity experiences

    My day to day feelings and emotions as Miss Anna’s chastity slave..

    To start with and let me be clear, being a long term or permanent chastity slave is an extremely challenging experience! When it comes to ultimate tease and denial she is a trained Lady skilled in the art of this. Being her locked and secured chastity slave has benefits as well; these include, more attentive to her needs and desires, obedience, subservience and training you to think with your actual brain not the one in between your legs.


  • Slavery Confession

    This is what I got into my mail, from slave ben, so interesting I had to share his slave confession here, since a lot of you are so curious what it’s like to be a chastity slave, and not just any kind of slave, MY slave. So here it is, along with pictures:

    chastity=slave3 copy

    Miss Anna your Highness,

    Greeting your feet with kisses I write this letter of confession of how it feels to be entirely enslaved by you. To start with I am such an absolutely privileged and honored slave to been given the opportunity to serve such an amazing and superior woman as yourself Miss Anna, I worship you and the ground you walk on Miss Anna.

    Just upon awaking each morning I feel a numbing, swelling pain which is the result of the secure chastity that imprisons the genitals that I once owned–this is a daily constant reminder through every hour of the day that I belong to you and only you Miss Anna. I must even confess that I can’t even look at a Woman anymore without a restraining feeling in this chastity cage that quickly reminds me that I am entirely enslaved by YOU Miss Anna your Highness.

  • Chastity slave wants release

    Chastity slave ben has been locked for months now which made disciplining him so much easier. Have proudly owned his body and mind all these months and considering giving him short release from chastity since he has been behaving so well.
    chastity slave

    This is the letter he’s sent to me:

    “Miss Anna my owner,

    Submissively greeting you at your feet your highness, hoping you have had a wonderful Monday Miss Anna. As I write this chastity release plea I entirely realize and have a full understanding now that I am entirely enslaved to you and extremely grateful to have such an amazing opportunity to be permitted in your divine presence.

    Being locked now for nearly four months Miss Anna, I feel that I have learned a valuable experience as to what you expect of me in forms of submission and living a life entirely dedicated to serving your inner most desires and wishes. Although each and everyday of chastity comes with many hardships, the lockdown you have placed me in as your slave is and will always be an constant reminder that I am your slave and you are to always be served to the best of my abilities.

  • Chastity confinement

    I have been away for a while traveling to nice places. As you probably know I love to travel and I spend a lot of time exploring new places. But I always come back home

    nylon legs

    and always return online to my submissives

    especially when they’re patiently waiting for me in their chastity

    chastity slave
    Here is slave ben’s latest letter to me. I still haven’t decided to set him free out of MY chastity:
    “Hello as I kneel and kiss your beautiful feet Miss Anna my owner,

    I have been holding off this letter trying to cope with being in chastity to you but I can hide the fact that you own me entirely Miss Anna. I have worshiped you yesterday, today and forever! Being locked down in chastity for so long by you I now know what my true purpose in life is finally, that is to SERVE YOU Miss Anna. For the past week I have been thinking of ways to put my new life into words, I came up with many thoughts. One is that you control me, secondly you own me, and last is I will always belong to you Miss Anna.

    Sitting here writing this letter of submission I gaze upon my locked cock that is now what I consider your property, I have a deep, sudden feeling of just whimpering in tears that I want to masturbate but I know this is no longer allowed without your permission and approval Miss Anna. I consider myself very fortunate on the other hand that chastity is a small price to pay to be allowed in your presence and to be able to be considered your chastity slave. You have the most exquisite feet and toned legs and body that is a true privilege to worship.