Locked as Miss Anna’s Chastity Slave

As I write this confession, I am locked so tightly in your cage, Miss Anna my Owner. As a firm
believer in Female Supremacy in today’s world, this secured device wrapped so tightly around
my testicles is a constant reminder of my place at your feet, your Highness. Keeping me
chastised does help me focus on proper servitude, attentiveness, and subservience toward you,
Miss Anna, which makes me want to go the extra distance to earn my short chastity release.
(Kissing your divine, beautifully pedicured feet and begging so desperately, your Highness..)

Many times at night, I awake with very painful attempted and denied erections. Every pain or
tingle I feel locked in your penis prison reminds me immediately that I’m owned, and this is my
new life now – a slave of Miss Anna’s! I can’t even express just how greatful and fortunate I am
to have a place at your feet as your servant, your Highness! I am literally on my knees right now
typing this hoping it meets your approval, my Owner.

As you always state, Miss Anna, chastity is a highly (if not the most) effective training
“accessory” for Women today, and you implement it so well, your Highness by random chastity
spot checks with date, time, and proper verification photos. I used to feel a bit embarrassed of
showing photos of myself locked and vulnerable like this, but now, my submission and everyday
normal life is being locked and serving you to the best of my ability.

Servant Ben

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