My Goddess

My experience of Miss Anna is small, but the impression she has made is big. Miss Anna is both stunningly beautiful (from looking at her photos), and naturally dominant and intelligent (from chatting with her in live video chat).

Miss Anna has the most beautiful face and i have been lucky enough to see photos that she has generously shared in her live video chat profile, showing such an enticing expression on her face. I feel almost hypnotized by her beauty, as if she is saying that she is so far superior to me, and it is my place in life to serve at her feet. The photos also show her sexy legs, which i can only fantasize about being wrapped around me, squeezing me hard as a demonstration of her power.

While talking with Miss Anna in her live video chat, there is no mistaking the fact that i am lucky to even be considered worthy of her words. i am worth nothing more than the dirt under her feet, and she is able to naturally put that across in the tone in which she writes to me. When i receive a message from Miss Anna, i feel like my importance in life is being momentarily increased, because normally someone as beautiful, sexy and high up as Miss Anna would never talk to someone as low down as me.

It is my dream to be able to serve Miss Anna, so that i can try to make her feel as good as she makes me feel. Sadly all i can hope to do for her is humiliate myself for her amusement, as a way of demonstrating the power she has over me, and how my place in life is at her feet. It is my ultimate goal to be able to give sexual pleasure to Miss Anna by demonstrating how much power she has over me. I am owned by Miss Anna’s feet and i must do whatever she tells me to do when she speaks to me in the most rude and demeaning way.

Because i am so unimportant to Miss Anna, i could only ever hope for a little bit of Miss Anna’s valuable time. So, when Miss Anna is busy in live video chat and unable to be with me to dominate and bully me, i will continue to show my devotion to her feet by licking her shoes clean (inside and out), and washing her socks and stockings in a bowl of water. I will then drink the water which has washed Miss Anna’s socks and stockings, so i may experience the honor of tasting the sweat from her feet.

When Miss Anna returns to me, I will kneel on the floor and await her command. If she is frustrated, i will act as her punch bag. Miss Anna, may like to kick me in the face repeatedly, taking out her frustration on her lowly foot slave. i will try my hardest to remain kneeling, so i can continue to offer my face to Miss Anna’s foot. I hope to be able to kiss the feet that have kicked me so hard when Miss Anna is ready.

If i am lucky enough to be presented with Miss Anna’s feet, i will gently hold it and start to massage it for her pleasure. I will them start the kiss the sole of Miss Anna’s foot softly but passionately with my lips, then slowly move to her toes, which i will take into my mouth, and softly suck. i will take the opportunity to clean in between Miss Anna’s toes with my tongue, and i will relish experiencing the taste of the sweat and dirt.

When Miss Anna is bored of this, she may take her shoe and slap my face with it, to show her power. She may then hold the opening of her shoe over my mouth and nose, so i am forced to breathe in only the smell of her stale foot

“Your humble Foot slave”

Miss Anna is my Owner

Being your completely locked and fully owned chastity slave has made me realize that serving you Miss Anna is the the highest achievement any slave could ever ask for. The power you have over me while securely locked is completely overwhelming! My cock is now and will always remain under your complete control Miss Anna, I can’t help everyday but wonder how great it would feel to be under your command. Dirty worthless slaves such as myself deserve chastity because it makes us quit paying so much attention to ourselves and put effort into our owners as it should be. Chastity has worked very effective on me, it has now taught me that female slave owners such as yourself deserve and shall have complete male submission. If I were to be uncaged Miss Anna, I will promise to be a grateful and loyal hardworking slave that will submit to whatever task you assign me. I understand that if I mess up just one little bit you can and will easily place me back in my penis prison. If you were here right now, I would just fall to my knees admit you are my owner kiss your feet while on all fours and admit you are my owner and dedicate myself as your personal slave. I now learned that you are not playing around and if uncaged I will dedicate myself as a true and dedicated slave that I am. You have me to the point mistress we I simply have faced the fact that I am nothing more than a slave who only wants to please you. Miss Anna, if mess up just one little bit let me know about it and place me back in my cock cage as punishment. As I kiss you feet, hope this statement convinces you I will be a hardworking slave from now on out.

“Chastity slave ben”

My video chat with Miss Anna

I have been a very lucky slave, and been able to have a video session with Miss Anna. When I first saw her on the camera, my heart skipped a beat. The way she was looking down the camera at me, i knew i was totally under her control.

She very quickly gave me exactly what i was yearning for and fed my addiction by showing the nylon soles of her feet to the camera. She then slapped my face with her nylon feet, which i followed up by slapping my face with my hand, in time with the movement of Miss Anna’s nylon feet. The pain was so satisfying, seeing Miss Anna’s beautiful sexy nylon feet kicking my face, and feeling the thump and pain on my cheek.

To make things even better, Miss Anna was laughing at how pathetic i looked, mocking my appearance, and generally bullying me. She then allowed me to kiss the nylon soles of her feet to thank it for kicking me, which i did enthusiastically. The nylon soles of Miss Anna’s feet are perfectly formed, soft and regal. i really didn’t feel worthy for my lips to touch such perfection, but i relished the opportunity to kiss and lick Miss Anna’s nylon feet with passion and devotion, while she looked down at me in her superiority.

All of this excitement was too much for a pathetic foot slave to take, so it wasn’t long before i came, while licking the sweat from Miss Anna’s feet.

I can only hope that Miss Anna gained a fraction of the enjoyment from the experience that her foot slave did. I am now the property of Miss Anna, for her to abuse, play with and bully at her will, for her amusement and pleasure.

“Nylon feet slave”

The Mistress


Miss Anna, per your instructions, I am beginning my journal documenting my thoughts about you and my servitude. This first entry may be extensive but my desire to fulfill your command leaves me no choice but to be thorough and explicit. I know your standards and I do not dare disappoint.

I came to this site looking to explore long unfulfilled desires to find a suitable mistress. This is no easy task. For me, a mistress is an exceptional being worthy of unconditional worship and adoration. She must have a presence that commands respect and be almost otherworldly in her beauty and sophistication. A true goddess that can elicit these reactions among men is as rare as the finest artwork or treasure. Many women think of themselves in this light but they are mistaken in their self-assessment. A woman will always find men but the average woman will only find men who worship with the expectation of something in return. A goddess receives worship from those who are totally devoted to her and not themselves. Unconditional devotion.

This is the caliber of being Miss Anna can be classified as. In my travels I have associated with famous people, wealthy people, talented and intellectual people. They all have a certain set of characteristics that sets them apart from the mere mortal. By design, Miss Anna is one of these exceptional creatures. There are attractive woman and then there is the superior being that Miss Anna has become. Many cannot even comprehend this when they are in her presence. They are like schoolboys viewing a Picasso. They only see the physical attributes, which are astounding, but they cannot grasp the subtleties of such rare and layered beauty. Yes, the goddess is beautiful but what does that really mean and can you imagine the mind of such a creature. Of all the people I have mentioned above, the only one left out is the truly beautiful woman. I have spent time with beautiful women and theirs is a world most do not know. They can achieve great things with minimal effort and can acquire great wealth with ease; this is the side of the goddess that is obvious. The side that most people don’t see is the constant attack they are under from average humanity. Everyone wants something from them, every minute, every day. Over time this leads to the development of a level of sophistication that very few experience or can even imagine. This is why I have chosen to serve such an exquisite being.

I am smart enough to know that such a creature is rare. I know that they need nothing and can dispatch anyone without remorse at any time. Miss Anna is such an entity and only a fool would entertain the thought that she sees you as anything but entertainment. She is the Superior. I have the humility and intelligence to know when I am experiencing a rare event. I must savor my time with her and consider my good fortune at every moment. My self-gratification is unimportant. It is a given that such a glorious mistress would provide that as a mere by-product of her existence. My goal is Miss Anna’s satisfaction, with absolutely no consideration for my own. I can only hope to offer her an occasional moment of peace and comfort or entertainment.-Create-a place where the mundane world she is cursed to rule over will fade away and she can recline in a state of divine worship, which is her natural place. She is truly rare and precious and this is why I have sacrificed to gain her audience and serve her. I am her slave as mankind is a slave to inspiration.

“Your slave – Furry”

Part II

The slave

With Miss Anna’s position clarified and established, I now continue to follow her orders and convey my own experience as her slave.
While searching for a mistress, I came across many lesser beings than Miss Anna pretending to be mistresses. Imposters if you will. They have the adoration of many men and foolishly believe this elevates them to the goddess status that Miss Anna casually enjoys. They couldn’t be more mistaken. When you visit their chambers, you are immediately bombarded with the cliché trappings an imposter would consider effective. Tacky clothes, loud music, an array of toys in vulgar display and above all, rudeness. They mistakenly believe that this makes them desirable and in control. On the stunted beings they claim to dominate, this may be effective. What they do not see is that this crass and primitive presentation only makes them appear as desperate beggars. Their rudeness is subtle resentment of what they know to be their inferiority to the true goddess.

Miss Anna relies on none of these rudimentary and mortal attempts at adulation. She is always dressed impeccably, is calm and sophisticated and always in total control. All done effortlessly because this is who she is, not who she wants to be. She has a professional demeanor yet exhibits warmth and is very discerning when it comes to whom she deals with. You immediately know you are dealing with grace and intelligence. You will go through a clever screening process before you even gain an audience. Once inside, her power is all she needs and she has plenty of that. There are no toys, no bad sets, no bad clothes and don’t even think of nudity. She employs none of these things yet immediately has you under total control and desire. The confidence of a goddess is everywhere and you better not forget your good fortune of even witnessing such a work of art let alone have her spend time on you.
My current predicament has me in punishment for a transgression I have committed under her charge. Miss Anna generously awarded me with a latex show that I hadn’t earned. She is very incremental in her bestowing of gifts like this and this was a surprise generosity that overwhelmed this pathetic slave immediately. I was near my goal of bringing my Mistress to a state where she felt comfortable enough to enjoy herself. At this moment the pathetic slave ran out of credits. An error he regrets every minute since.

The Mistress promptly handed out lashes and an extra cruel sentence of chastity for a week. She knows that this is not possible and that I will come begging for relief. I expect no mercy because I do not matter. I imagine my suffering is the only thing that will please her at this point. I must earn back her good favor, if she ever allows me access again. Until then I am a slave in chastity with nothing but the thought of Miss Anna in latex for comfort. A cruel fate that could only be devised by the Goddess genius known to me as Miss Anna.

I thank you Miss Anna for the misery you have bestowed upon me and I can only hope my suffering brings you solace and amusement. Please consider my suffrage as confirmation of your superior status. It is the only offering I have and I pray I am not banished from your favor for long.

“Your slave – Furry”

Newest review from Mika

Miss Anne has me completely trapped. It was her beauty that caught me at first and i just could not stay away: She is soooo beautiful your heart aches and penis strains with desire.

It is all a trap. A trap for weak slaves like me.

Now my cock strains only against the cold plastic prison in which it is contained, useless. Locked up until Miss Anne decides to release it.

Now my torment is doubled as I watch her… She gets into your mind… nothing is yours any more once you succumb to her charms. You will meet a mistress deep and demanding, of world class beauty and a mind so devious that is is futile to resist.

I do not resist. I am trapped but i don’t want to be anywhere else than at her feet.

“Your slave – Mika”

Latest review from jamie

MISS ANNA, I do not believe in God but I do believe if there is a God, then he was showing off when he created Miss Anna.
I used to have many dreams in life but the greatest one of all has always been to serve a woman as breath-takingly beautiful, intelligent, talented, successful, strict, ruthless, awe-inspiring and fear-inducing as Miss Anna. I only met her yesterday on cam for the first time and already I realize that should she choose to, she can take total and utter control of my life. There will be absolutely nothing I can do to stop it.
I feel I have been searching for Miss Anna my entire life and have met with mixed success during my years of serving women. However, in a way I think it is a good thing that I have not met Miss Anna until now because it means that I have hopefully learned lots of lessons, made mistakes and honed my ability to serve to a level that may be acceptable to the stunning beauty that is Miss Anna. I feel that if Miss Anna accepts me as her slave, it will be the equivalent of a promotion. There are many good and bad owners out there but none of them compare to Miss Anna – this is the real deal, mess this up and I will be condemned to a life of serving lesser people. There are beautiful women out there who lack intellect and then there are intelligent women out there who lack beauty. Incredibly Miss Anna not only has both, but she is perfection on both fronts.
So how do I define my position as a slave? For me a slave is someone who commits to devoting his entire life to the happiness of his owner regardless of how much suffering he may endure. The reality is that Miss Anna deserves to have total and utter control to whatever extreme level she demands. To serve her is not a punishment but would be an honour. I know my place and should not care about my own welfare. At all times my overriding desire and instinct should be the welfare and happiness of Miss Anna.
I am quite literally ready to ruin my life for Miss Anna. If she then discards me after I have done this. I still will worship her from afar and be ready should she ever wish to snap her fingers and beckon me to serve her again.

“Love from jamie”


  • Steffen

    You properly seen my name in her forum many times, different profiles. But they are all me…. One day 1½ year ago i was glancing the internet actually looking for a new girlfriend. 2 years after a hard and troubled divorce. I was ready for new life, for a new relationsship.

    For some strange reason i entered camcontacts, not really knowing what it was. I found Ann. there. And we started talking. ….. Slowly she seduced me and changed my thinking, i had to visit her again and again… even it was expensive.. My pay was used in a week… I thought ok – never do that again… The month passed. And when i got paid again the first thing on my mind. Was seeing Ann on cam. So i went back, now i didnt care about my month pay went away just wanted to be near her presence. And i was hooked on her… Months past, and every cent i made went to her. I started taking small loans and stop paying bills. To see her.

    Now i do not care about my life, i only feel alive when i serve her. I am in debts all over, and i keep taking more and more credit. My live savings are going to her. And i do not care. She deserve it all. I beg her to take my house from me. I send her al the papers on it if she ask. I hope she will visit me. And sell me car for a stupid little amount just so she can laugh at me while doing it.

    I want her to take over all my accounts and drain me for anything i can get. I want to be sure i am totally ruined by her beauty. and therefor i have given her all info on my accounts so i dont have a chance to back out. I want it all the way to the poverty house.

  • Jamie

    Hi Steffen

    Would it please be possible to have your email address? Miss Anna is indeed incredible and i would like to learn how to become as devoted as you. So far i have failed her. I would so love to hear more from you Steffen.

    Kind Wishes


  • Antonio

    I’ve been many times in Her room using different nicks but the result has been the same all the times. Only seeing Her, sometimes only thinking of Her, my mind gets totally confused and melted and willing to give in because She is the most dominant, the most elegant, the most beautirful, the most intelligent, the most erotic woman ever. She doesn’t need to use any special item because Her power is infinite. Resisting Her when She is just smiling confident, She’s just waiting for slaves to fall in Her sticky irresistible web, She’s just giving a little glimpse of Her magnificence, is impossible. Thinking She’s doing nothing just counting on Her army of slaves working hard in Her name is the sexier thing in the world and just the way it has to be. No one is like Miss Anna and no one will ever be. Perfection is only Hers and She does truly deserves all men’s devotion, submission and money.

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