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Progress in my training: submissives are starting to understand what their duty is and fully accomplish it. They get me things I like or go get lingerie they think I will like to see on them, they open folders on their pc they know I would like to find about. They do things to make me happy. And I am very happy about it.

mistress nylons
Fall holidays. I love taking holidays in the fall season because of the right weather and the right amount of people travelling around that time of the year. I love the freedom of being able to leave anytime I want but when I do it I take many things into consideration, like weather, humidity…If it s too much heat you get sweaty, if it’s too humid curls will fall apart, if it s too crowded you don’t get to enjoy things you normally would, you don’t get to visit freely all the places you’d like to, or in the comfort you would like.

my trip

I like to go on a culinary experience and hunt for nice places that haven’t been ruined by the tourist craze. I try to avoid the advising sites and just notice how happy the people coming out of a restaurant are. This evaluation usually works. Then there is the good coffee hunt which is like a journey in itself.
You look up a good cafe, and then you have to get there, and if in the way you see a nice art gallery or a nice museum, you forget about your coffee. Or it can be the other way round, you start your day with a list of nice artful things to see and then on your way you stumble upon the nicest romantic looking cafe and since they’re so rare you need to stop and you forget about art.
coffee time
A nice cup of coffee is art anyway. Takes so much time and skills to achieve that thing.

Storage problems
like to collect shoes I will never wear and those that will wear to death. The only problem that causes this, is the lack of space.
You know how you have tons of clothes that somehow end up in your closet that you don’t know how that happened and when you have to get dressed you always end up picking the same things every time.
mistress nylons
Then you look in the mirror and say this thing is so old, I need to go shopping for new stuff. And then you go shopping. Next morning you pick same old things from your closet. At least that’s my case.

I sometimes have issues synchronizing with my submissives, as much as I would like to make appointments and being able to keep them, it seems it doesn’t work so well (but I don’t give up on hoping I will). I have hours where I would be free and then hours when everybody wants to see me, everyone at once. Then I would have my few days off and then you’d think I disappeared, but I would never do that, not without further notice anyway and solid grounds to sustain that, I love being online too much to do that. But if you don’t see me online for a while it’s ok to write me, or if you’d like to see me online around a specific time, write me. I am open to communication. I also want to add that for those of you who used to see me on ifriends, I won’t be any longer on there. You might have found out by now that the site got closed, which is a very unfortunate situation, but sadly it did happened. For me it had a special significance because of the people I met on there, because of the communication I used to have to the support team, the things I learned by hosting on there. I know it’s weird to see a place disappear like that, for those of you who weren’t familiar with it, imagine your favorite restaurant go out of business over night, or a good friend deciding to move over seas…but in that case you get to see that friend, rarely but you do. The thing is you make connections and sometimes you might lose them, it’s like that all the time online, but when it happens it’s annoying.
Moving on
For those of you who want to still keep in touch, you will find me on here from now on here So this way we can continue to chat. And also I have to mention my site where I have all of my archives, all Hd pics you can find them here. Thank you for the messages from all of you asking me if I was ok after that site closing its doors, and if I was affected by it and what I think. In a nutshell it’s a sad good bye, most of all I was sad for losing a part of my past, as I spent there almost all of my 20’s. It was special place because of the special people who gathered there, we used to chat and have fun and laugh. In order to make it on there you needed to be real, and that is what I learnt, bringing facets of my real self to the surface.
It’s nice to have good memories, I guess it’s all we are left with after all. I can say I grew up, along with that site. I found out more about what I liked when it cames to myself and to hosting online, and I started doing more of that. I am sad for losing a playground, but I can always make it fun on other playgrounds that’s for sure, because you bring the fun with you, it’s not just the ground itself, but it is the people who make it fun, so let’s remember the nice things and try to move forwards into the unknown looking for new beginnings.
I’d like to end this by thanking you for being part of my journey on ifriends.
top host

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